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The process involves each part being individually etched in a copper foil and then hammered into a mould of the required shape for each item of jewellery. The enamel powder (ground chrystal) is then placed in this copper container and vitrified at a temperature of about 850°C

Successive layers of enamel are necessary to obtain the required effect until the brillance of the colours and beautiful translucence of the item appears.

The art of the enameller consists in fixing this enamel powder on metal support by short successive firings, of the order of 850°C. These multiple firings are imposed by the fact that all colours do not fire at the same temperatures. Although enamel work has been known since Antiquity, artists have used several techniques depending on the time and places. Cloisonne enamel, champlevé enamel, painted enamel, low-cut enamels, plique enamels. Limoges is one of the most remarkable centres in the world for the history of this art of fire and metal. In 2017, the city of Limoges became part of UNESCO’s world network of Creative Cities, a true international recognition for 9 centuries of fire art creations

Introduction course to enamalled jewel on cooper 
 galerie des Arts du Feu - Aitre Saint-Maclou - ROUEN

REGISTRATION form on the website: https://galeriedesartsdufeu.fr/visites-cours/sinitier-au-travail-du-metal/ 
or  00 33 (0)2 76 78 18 83
I speak english!
Welcome at 2pm until 6pm at the latest. You go back with your own jewel assembled on 925 sterling silver connector or choose to turn it into a gem at home

Galerie Des Arts du feu 

Find my unique jewels at
 Aitre Saint Maclou 

186 rue Martainville

76000 ROUEN


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